Grace: It's Our Way of Life

As Episcopal Christians we
Worship at home daily and together weekly;
Study the Scriptures, our tradition, and what it means to be a disciple today;
Serve our families, our parish, and our world in the name of Christ.

Everything we do is done with an ethic of Welcome
because we are only here by Grace.

06 April 2013

Sermon, Easter Morning, Year C, 10 am 31 March 2013 - News So Good You Have to Make Up a New Dance

Easter Sunday Morning!  Whew.  News so good you have to make up a new dance.  The daughter of some friends in seminary kicked off the celebration.  This sermon serves to pull together some of the major themes of the last six months of sermons, so it wasn't the nicest sermon to lay on Chreasters or Eastmas Comers.  God has been revealed as something more than what we hoped and so much more than what we fear.  In Christ, God has come as King and made up sons and daughters.  The themes of the Gospel of John are pulled together in that one direction to Mary M.  "Go and tell my brothers . . . " 

Isaiah 65:17-25
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
1 Corinthians 15:19-26

John 20:1-18