Grace: It's Our Way of Life

As Episcopal Christians we
Worship at home daily and together weekly;
Study the Scriptures, our tradition, and what it means to be a disciple today;
Serve our families, our parish, and our world in the name of Christ.

Everything we do is done with an ethic of Welcome
because we are only here by Grace.

23 March 2011

How to be an Episcopal Christian - Homework Assignment

Worship The Episcopal church has a rich tradition of Daily Prayer and Weekly Eucharist. This week, try one of the forms of the office that you haven't before. The Church of England (otherwise known as Mother around here) has a contemporary version that I like, but keep our readings from a Contemporary Daily Office Book that is too expensive to mention in polite company. You can find the CofE morning prayer here or evening prayer here.

Study Read the affirmation of Baptismal Covenant with vows in the Confirmation Service, Book of Common Prayer page 416 and 417, also see 305-306.

Read the Catechism that starts on page 845. Discuss with someone.

Oh, and keep up with the Readings for Sunday. The Romans 5 readings may be my favorite passage from all of the letters.

And we get a female hero in the Gospels. Female Samaratin hero.

Service Where have you served God, a loved one, and a stranger this week?

I am sorry there is no class this week, but it looks like a snow globe outside my office. And this should get you closer. You could do all of this in the time for one class. And then we will talk about order and the Way of Christ next week.



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