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01 February 2015

Modern Anglican Liturgy Series - Presentation of Christ - 31 January 2015

Presentation of Christ in the temple (Candlemas) - 
Andrea Mantegna (1431–1506)
A Service for the Presentation of Christ
The Parish Church of St. Oswald - King and Martyr
Owestry, England, United Kingdom

Worship at Grace Episcopal Church, 341 Washington, Traverse City, Michigan
5:00 pm Saturday Worship Community

Welcome to this first of our series of Modern Anglican liturgies, which we are using on the 3rd or 4th Saturdays of each month during 2015

Today's celebration is being used tomorrow morning by the Parish of St Oswald, which is the parish church of Oswestry, England ... thus our first in this series from the Church of England. 

At St. Oswald's this weekend they will be observing the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, which is also the traditional date for the English Church's observance of Candlemas, which falls halfway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox - a kind of looking ahead to Spring .

More ... [Watch for the link to the printed service here]

Below is the link to the full audio service, unedited, and not for commercial use. Copyrights maintained.

Listen to entire worship - under one hour.

Some material from this service is taken from:
Common Worship, Church Publishing House, (c) 2000
New Patterns for Worship, Church Publishing House, London, (c) 2008
Festivals Together, Sandra Millar, SPCK, London (c) 2012
Hymns licensed under OneLicense.

The producer of this worship for Grace Episcopal Church was the Rev. "Pete" Clapp, presider and proclaimer,  lover of liturgy, retired priest, and philosopher of Dixieland Jazz.