Grace: It's Our Way of Life

As Episcopal Christians we
Worship at home daily and together weekly;
Study the Scriptures, our tradition, and what it means to be a disciple today;
Serve our families, our parish, and our world in the name of Christ.

Everything we do is done with an ethic of Welcome
because we are only here by Grace.

11 May 2011

Sermon, Easter III, Year A, 2011, from the Baptism of Lola B. - Faith

Sermon in which the Very Rev. Daniel P. Richards explores the intersection of the virtue of Faith and Conversation. Conversation is risky business because it means putting your own position on the line. Faith is the trust in God, in Jesus' teachings about God, the world, and us, and in the Spirit's abiding presence. In conversation being vulnerable enough to be human (incarnation at work) with another person requires the full maturity of our grace.

A note: I give a lot of credit to the Rev. Gil Stafford for being a partner in developing a program that we called Peregrini. Gil should also get credit for doing the work of getting it off the ground and moved into St. Augustine's in Tempe, Arizona. There it has grown into a couple of ministries, notably St. Brigid's Community.