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As Episcopal Christians we
Worship at home daily and together weekly;
Study the Scriptures, our tradition, and what it means to be a disciple today;
Serve our families, our parish, and our world in the name of Christ.

Everything we do is done with an ethic of Welcome
because we are only here by Grace.

17 February 2010

Sermon, Last Epiphany, Year C, 2010

So, Love and the Transfiguration are two topics that seemed to have nothing to do with each other. Then I started looking at love through the story of the Transfiguration, and some startling things popped out. Enjoy.

After the sermon, I recommended a book to the men in the congregation called Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. Ostensibly this book was written for couples, but it is pretty directly aimed at men. He wrote a second book called Sacred Influence that is written for women. But that one I haven't read yet.

For more on the wilderness and mountain spirituality I commend to you Belden C. Lane's works Landscapes of the Sacred and The Solace of Fierce Landscapes.

In the sermon I want to give a further credit to the work of David Schnarch in the book Passionate Marriage. The writing in the book is not great literature, but the content has been incredibly helpful, especially on intimacy and conflict.

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  1. Enjoyed the sermon. Your line regarding relationships being on a timeline with an end that cannot be avoided brings me back to the question I always ponder. Same one you have addressed before: Reconciling death and love eternal.