Grace: It's Our Way of Life

As Episcopal Christians we
Worship at home daily and together weekly;
Study the Scriptures, our tradition, and what it means to be a disciple today;
Serve our families, our parish, and our world in the name of Christ.

Everything we do is done with an ethic of Welcome
because we are only here by Grace.

13 December 2009

Sermon, Advent III, Year C, 2009

So here we go continuing the exploration of the themes of John the Baptizer and Jesus and the Holy Spirit from last week, using the images of water and fire. These primal elements and the ways that they purify and transform are great ways of seeing the difference between the prophets' cry to return to covenant and Christ's cry to be transformed by the Holy Spirit into the children of God, the living Body of Christ, sign of God's merciful, compassionate grace. Water floods and washes away. Fire burns away and transforms. One is birth and one is rebirth. In nature these two images of the prophet's repentance and the Christians are seen clearly. Floods come through and wash away soil and also spread loam and new fertility. Fire burns away and leaves everything transformed, and new life springs from that burned place. Let us be renewed by the transforming of our selves to Christ.

There is also a little joking about parenting in the middle. I want to give proper credit to Dr. Tim Kimmel and Grace-Based Parenting. You can find more information about them at


  1. Thanks for this wonderful sermon. Especially the reference to the book. I'm halfway through it and can see how it could work. Now, it's the actual delivery of that grace is what I'm most concerned about!!! :) Take care!


  2. Daniel,
    Thanks for this wonderful sermon. I especially appreciate the reference to the book. I'm halfway through it and I can see how important grace is in the development of a child. Especially the young person emerging into adulthood. Now, I'm most concerned with the delivery of that grace from parent to child!!! I guess that's where faith comes in. :) Take care.